Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Freezing Your Butt Off

You don't need to live in Montana to experience this.

It's fun to go back every now and then to get an update on our old haunts in Virginia from the Arlington Yupette who keeps us appraised of profligacy in the inside the Beltway spending bubble. Take the million dollar bus stop, for instance.


Warning: County's Million Dollar Bus Shelter May Be Hazardous to Your Butt

Hey, Yupette,

I visited the County's famous Million Dollar Bus Shelter on Columbia Pike at Noon today and no one was sitting down while waiting for a bus. Outdoor temp was 15 and I wondered how cold the steel seats were. So I brought my refrigerator's thermometer and put it on the steel bench inside the bus shelter in the sunlight. As you can see, after about 5 minutes the thermometer read 18 degrees.

Sheesh. You would think that after spending a million the County could install a nice piece of non-endangered species hardwood over the steel, in the winter at least. Guess all the County's spare disposable income will be going to fund the Pike streetcar.

Another reason I won't be voting for a Democrat as the successor to Chris Zimmerman this year.

Pike Rider

It's all being done in the name of "green," "mixed use" and "transit oriented" development supported by the global warming and peak oil (man, they are in hiding now, aren't they?) crowds, development that is built for and owned by massive corporate, tax advantaged REIT's. Keep it up Yupette, keep it up.

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