Friday, June 20, 2014

Guten Abend aus Texas

Brown Rock would be so boring. It was founded by a German Prince, so New Braunfels (New Brown Rocks) it is. That's the name of this town between Austin and San Antonio, Texas. At one time New Braunfels was the fourth largest city in Texas, behind only Houston, San Antonio and Galveston in population. We are in town for a wedding. We went to the rehearsal dinner tonight, where we grew our extended family.

This burg is best known for its water features, spring fed rivers ideal for family tubing and rafting and a resort known as the Schlitterbahn.
We are "camped out" above the lazy river.
To the kids' great delight, that will be our home for the next number of days. In the German language (auf Deutsch) Schlitten is a sled or a slide. And Bahn is a path or a track (expressways in Germany are famously known as autobahns). Thus featured are slidepaths, or as we commonly know them, water slides. It's too bad the German exchange student who will be coming to live with us in the fall, could not be here to learn firsthand what some of her compatriots have created in America. 

Some time next week, we hope to get over to the Alamo, as neither I nor the kids have previously visited. I do know from from personal experience that the San Antonio Riverwalk can be magically other worldly on a summer's eve. As we have learned that it has been snowing just up the slopes from our home in Montana, with cold rain in the valley and highs in the 50s and low 60s, we much appreciate the opportunity to bask in true summer climate. The last time we experienced real heat like this was on our move out west two years back, crossing through Memphis. It's great to see Crepe Myrtles in bloom once again.

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