Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wyoming Powers America

We left final instructions with our house sitter before setting out on the road today. We crossed east through Montana, skirting Billings, down past Little Bighorn National Monument, and then into and through Wyoming. 

We traveled through historic buffalo country. Click the photos to enlarge.

Which means we passed legions of cows and sheep along the way as well as their fair share of deer and antelope at play.  

A deep winter snow pack, rejuvenating spring rains and cool spring weather have the grass growing prolifically -- even before we get to Colorado. We saw our first hay cuttings. We are rooting for a year where there will be three. 

But most interesting is the geology.

There were rocks.


 And escarpments.

We saw what looked like the geo engineering control tower for chemtrail flights, bathed in an aluminum haze. We hope the owner of the old Chevy truck made it back Okay. 

But then getting back to earth we spied what makes America ticks.

Oil wells pumping.

Wind mills twirling.

 Even some old fantails pumping away to water the stock.

Power plants generating.

And coal trains chugging. All are Wyoming's contribution to making our economy productive and strong.

The End.

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