Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday Pictures

Saturday Pictures
June 7, 2014
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We went up Hyalite Canyon, where the road is now re-opened from the dam to the Hyalite Lake trailhead.

Thunderstorm runoff introduced warmer water that at long last melted the ice cover on the reservoir.

Looking across the reservoir you can see they still have reserved five to ten feet of capacity to accommodate additional snow melt run off and spring rains. 

Hyalite Creek is running full, cold and fresh.

The canyon cliffs are as spectacular and imposing as ever.

As is common, the mountains are making weather.

There are still plenty of snow fields on top.

We considered hiking the first section of the trail to Grotto Falls, but thought better of it when we saw snow and ice still covering large sections at the bottom. By the time we got as high as the falls, no doubt the snow cover would be 100 percent.

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