Thursday, June 19, 2014

So Glad to be Gone from Inside the Beltway

The liberal, entitled, elitist, NIMBY thugs from my old neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia are at it again. Extremely upset, outraged and angered by a school board proposal to, of all things, build a new elementary school in my old Arlington Heights neighborhood, they decided self help was the way to go.
Emotions were running high as the Arlington School Board on Monday night adopted its 10-year capital-improvement plan. But in the run-up to the meeting, some school activists clearly crossed a line.
Arlington Heights, where vandals,
trespassers and political thugs hang out.
Several School Board members awoke to find signs planted in their yards in support of saving the land around Thomas Jefferson Middle School, which school officials are considering for use for a new elementary school.
Going to an elected official’s house and doing such a thing is creepy at best, an attempt at intimidation at worst. Those who perpetrate it might say they meant nothing threatening by it, but threats often are in the eye of the beholder.
They are the typical liberal louts who believe in communal solutions for everything, so long as costs, burdens and impositions can be passed along to everyone else.  They love not freedom of speech but the unmitigated power to impose speech on and to control the speech of others. 

Just so you know, the President of the Arlington Heights Civic Association, and behind the scenes ringleader in this process, is also the local Democratic precinct captain, sits on the Arlington County Democratic Committee and has served on its nominating subcommittee in recent elections. 

What matters most to people like her and her comrades is that that they win at all costs. Our personal experiences with the dishonesty and hypocrisy of these people were legion. They will win because they accept nothing less.

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