Sunday, August 17, 2014

Democrats Are Phonies and Economic Hypocrites

Here is the latest political shell game the Democrats are playing -- economic patriotism it is called.
The White House is seeking to amp up the Democratic base this fall by criticizing corporations for abandoning the United States to lower their tax bill.  
It’s a return to economic populism months for a White House that has repeatedly flirted with the theme, but sometimes been distracted by other pressing domestic and international affairs.
Democrats believe the issue could help their party hold on to its majority in the Senate, which Republicans are hoping to take over. 
“Let’s rally around an economic patriotism that says, instead of giving more tax breaks to millionaires, let’s give tax breaks to working families to help pay for child care or college,” the president said during a speech in Texas last month. “Instead of protecting tax loopholes that let corporations keep their profits overseas, let’s put some of that money to work right here in the United States rebuilding America. 
Democrats see the tax issue as a political winner that allows President Obama to side with middle class taxpayers and against corporate executives who can be painted as disloyal and unpatriotic.
A government, of course, cannot do anything to force a corporation to stay in its country, any more than without a Berlin Wall, a militarized DMZ or an Iron Curtain and armed guards it can force individual citizens to stay. But individuals and governments, by their purchasing and sales decisions, can have a major influence -- and they do.

I have always bought Chevy, Ford, Dodge or Jeep, because they are American car companies -- period. Now that Obama and the auto workers' unions have sold off Chrysler corporation to Italian interests, in the future I may buy GM or Ford only.

But walk down the street in any liberal neighborhood and look at the cars. Toyota, Lexus,and Acura, Honda, Subaru, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Hyundai, and Nissan dominate almost to the exclusion of American cars. I did this in my old Arlington Heights neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia (Jefferson precinct, 71.4 percent Obama in 2012). The odd and end GM, Ford or Chrysler car stood out for being exceptional, and usually were known to me to be owned by independent minded people (the dude with the big ass Suburban, when he left his mainstream media job, went to work for Peter King, a Republican congressman), not the hypocritical liberal intelligentsia, the very same inside-the-Beltway hypocrites who are conjuring up this lying, phony message for the mid-term elections.

CGI Lobbyist and Toyota owner Nicholas Evans
 (far right) raising money in his home with
Democratic Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe (second from
right) and Virginia state delegate Alfonso Lopez (D - 49th)
And what does Obama do when he gets into trouble and reaches for a life preserver? We need to look no further than the ObamaCare website debacle. When the Obamanistas dumped my old lobbyist neighbor's company (the lobbyist was good buddies with Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Virginia Governor Terry McAullife), CGI Federal, a Canadian company who they had awarded a sole source contract, they awarded another sole source contract to Accenture, an American founded company that had flown the domestic coop, and reincorporated for tax purposes in Ireland

We have nothing less here than just one more case here of elitist Democratic phonies pushing through a listen to what I say, don't look at what I do theme, in hopes of deceiving the American people. Pay no attention folks. Move on. Good luck to all.

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  1. Thank you for the inside view of the Obama divide-and-conquer machine. There won't be much left of a UNITED States of America when he leaves office.