Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why Montana?

Why Montana people say, besides it is beautiful, outdoorsy, invigorating and real? Additional reasons lie in the map.

According to the Tax Foundation, one hundred dollars is worth $96.90 in Virginia, where we used to live, compared to $106.16 in Montana, where we live today. That is generally a fair comparison for someone such as myself, who is retired, and therefore, experiences no state-to-state income disparity.

But the actual comparison for us is much more highly skewed because we resided inside the massive federal government borrowing and spending bubble inside the Washington Beltway, one stop light away from Washington, DC. The DC valuation of $84.60 for each hundred dollars would be a more proper metric for where we used to live. 

As for real estate values between Montana and DC metro, they are barely in the same world. In Montana we were able to buy more than twice the house, on 15 times the lot, with fantastic mountain views, for a price that was a fraction of what we sold our old home in Arlington, Virginia.  

People, if you don't like your lot in life, pick up your rear and find economic opportunity. Or get off of your butt, and seek lower cost. Young or old, rich or poor. Opportunity is out there for virtually anyone who seeks.

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