Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday Pictures on Sunday

Saturday Pictures on Sunday
August 10, 2014

We put aside our never in July or August admonition, to drive our Japanese exchange student on the must see excursion down to Yellowstone yesterday. We entered America's first national park via West Yellowstone, drove on to Madison junction, and from there to Old Faithful. We continued on to West Thumb, up the lakeshore to Lake Village and from there along the Hayden Valley to Canyon Village. We cut over to Norris, up to Mammoth Hot Springs, then out of the Park at the Gardiner entrance. We continued up Paradise Valley and stopped in Livingston for dinner. It proved a fun day for all. Here, we share sights of the day!

On The Road

White Dome Geyser, Lower Geyser Basin.

Old Faithful Geyser, Upper Geyser Basin.

Why we usually wait 'til after Labor Day.

Artesia Geyser, Lower Geyser Basin.

Young and Hopeful Geyser, Lower Geyser Basin

Firehole Lake Drive melting and buckled by global warming, i.e., the actual warming of the Globe.

No droning in Yellowstone so there will be none of this.

Hopefully, Asa will teach my kids how to pose!

Bluebell Pool.

Lakeside Spring source. 
Lakeside Spring drainage.

Abyss Pool.

Black Pool.

Yellowstone Lake is high this year, covering Fishing Cone.

Where the buffalo roam.

My kids took posing lessons from this bison.
On the return to Big Sky.

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