Monday, October 7, 2013

September Top Posts

Thank you loyal readers!  We surged out of the summer doldrums in September, beating our previous best month, page view wise, by 21 percent.  To date, Along the Gradyent's top ten September posts are as follows.

  1. It is gratifying when a post offering useful suggestions is widely read. With the budget impasse coming, we wrote a piece advising During the Shutdown Go to Mount Vernon.  At the time we posted, little did we know that Obama's National Park Service would try to shutter the operation by lawlessly Barrycading Mount Vernon's privately owned parking lots. Cheers to the Mount Vernon Ladies Association for thwarting the attempt. We are pleased to offer advise on getting down to George's place, and visiting numerous other places of interest in DC and Alexandria not owned or patrolled by Obama's Federales.
  2. Go to was a popular theme again, underlying the No. 2 post Please Visit the BMW Championship: It's for the Caddies. When yours truly was completing high school, we pulled a Noonan and were blessed to receive the caddie scholarship.  Because the Western Golf Association sponsored Evans Scholar Foundation is the charitable beneficiary of the BMW Championship, we encouraged readers to attend the golf tournament.  The tournament was a smashing success with attendance of more than 130,000 for the week, and a magical 59 shot by Jim Furyk in the second round. Next year the tournament moves to Cherry Hills in Denver.  That's a long day's drive from Bozeman. Hmmmmm.  
  3. Failing to note that we had not even a single hurricane of intensity one through five, Prince Al climbed on his Gore box to insist we need a category six to classify 'canes of increasing intensity. We inquired Calling Al Gore: What About Cats 1 Through 5?
  4. In Declining Median Incomes we shared data illustrating that our friends who support Dear President the most have fared the worst under his economic regime. 
  5. We enticed prospective attendees to the BMW championship with the possibility of hostilities breaking out as Tiger and Sergio were paired for the first time since their dust up during the third round of the Players Championship and Garcia's racial dig at Tiger a couple of weeks later over in Europe.  Alas, no fireworks ensued.  Their meeting was marked by icy indifference.
  6. On September 11, 2001 we lived in Arlington, Virginia two neighborhoods up from the Pentagon and worked across the river from the site of the plane crash in Washington, DC. In September 11, 2001; We Remember we recounted our experiences during that horrible day and remembrances honoring victims in years since.
  7. In Educate the Dream we blogged on the importance of providing a high school education to immigrants, no matter where they come from and regardless of how they got here.
  8. We said Barack Pays For Golf Access in Montana. What we really meant was access to the Golf Channel. Obama's spending stimulus keeps on giving, providing cable television and high speed internet access to Ted Turner's ranch and gated developments and high brow private country clubs further south in Big Sky.
  9. On the occasion of its success evacuating personnel under attack from the Washington Navy Yard, we recognized its heroism, bravery and effectiveness over the years in Kudos to the US Park Police Helicopter Crew.
  10. It ain't about lollipops. Suckers! blasts Obama for falsehoods he spread concerning the badly misnamed Affordable Care Act.
Thanks again to all our readers!  

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