Saturday, October 12, 2013

HHS Secretary Sebelius Is A Glitch

Glitches, snitches, stitches, hitches, witches. Stop the equivocation. The damn thing doesn't work, not even when they gussy it up for show. Here is the reportage from Steel City.

Sebelius and Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney were at an enrollment and education event on Thursday at Heinz Field to promote, but people who showed up encountered problems in signing up for coverage on the website.
Unable to handle heavy online traffic and riddled with technical glitches, the website has been a source of criticism of the Obama administration and the new Affordable Care Act since its start on Oct. 1.
HHS Secretary Sebelius' ghostly visage at
Pittsburgh Heinz Field
Sebelius, who is making similar trips to cities across the country to spread the word about the website, told the audience of about 100 people that was “open for business.” 
“Believe me, we had some early glitches,” said Sebelius, who was introduced by Rooney, a backer of the law. “But it's getting better every day.”
At the back of the room, it was a different story. About 20 people armed with laptops and certified by the government to sign up people for coverage were meeting with uninsured people, answering questions and fruitlessly trying to access the website.
LaKesha Lowry, 41, came to the event to find out about her health insurance options. But the North Side resident said she was not able to access the site, even with the help of a certified application counselor.
“It said, ‘Try again later,' ” Lowry said.
When questioned Sebelius stonewalls.
Asked about the ongoing problems with the website and the fact that people at a government enrollment event couldn't sign up, Sebelius told reporters that she didn't know what problems were affecting service at Heinz Field. The government has made hardware and software upgrades to improve the site, she said, and it is working for many people.
“We're working to ensure it's easy to use,” Sebelius said, noting that more than 13 million people have visited the site, an “extraordinary” level of traffic.
Matt Drudge gets more than a billion page views each month, which means he's managing a visitor load that's about 30 times greater than what is being handled by Sebelius' technical geniuses -- and he is 100 more times more candid in reporting on HHS's performace. 
HHS officials so far have declined to release enrollment numbers for the federal website, saying they plan to provide monthly updates. It was unclear how many people — if any — were able to enroll at Thursday's event.
The place they should have handled sign ups for Obamacare was the "Obamacare and You" event attended by a grand total of two in Greenville, South Carolina.

We get the government you vote for.

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  1. An incompetent President will naturally hire an incompetent staff. The blind leading the blind, if you will.

    A competent Congress would impeach those most harmful, including the President, if necessary. Unfortunately, too much of Congress is as incompetent as the Executive, if not drunk on power.