Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Over

The government shutdown was temporary but the impact of the White House's and Democratic Senate's insistence on new unfunded and underfunded programs and increasing debt burdens is permanent. With today's so-called bi-partisan deal, there goes out the window the momentum of fiscal discipline and decreasing deficits during the last couple of years. The will is lost. 

We are turning a corner of no return, I take little solace from my now almost sure to be accurate prediction of "a head fake just below a trillion dollar deficit in FY 2013." Sometimes I hate to be right. Going forward, an unrestrained, incompetent and out of control government will succumb to the demographic and entitlement tsunamis and resulting debt load, swamping the economy and crowding out expenditures for fundamental government functions.  

Obamacare is designed to control costs and reduce deficits by reducing choice, throwing money at the healthcare system, requiring additional "free" services, bringing into the health care system services that people currently purchase out of their own pockets, outlawing a wide range of low cost health care insurance policies, and pushing massive subsidies into the laps the middle class. Obamacare is driving full time jobs out of the economy and penalizes businesses working to grow. So, of course, the exact opposite of the intended cost and deficit impacts will occur. And the lies about keeping your doctor and maintaining your policy have been exposed. This was all quite predictable from the beginning. People will pay more, the government will spend more, the economy (and tax receipts) will grow less and the national debt will grow, without real restraint. 

There's a new layer of bureaucracy between you and your doctors. The faces of it are Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius.  I can guarantee the quality of medical care won't grow because of it.

Good luck to all!

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