Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What You Can Count On

So the wife asks me today if our health insurance policy is affected by Obamacare. A month ago I would have said no, because I thought Dear President and the government while completely on the wrong track, was sane, honest and competent enough, that they at least wouldn't have lied or misled about that. Now I say, we have to wait a year until the employer mandate takes effect. It's a top of the heap Four Pinnochio.  Thanks a lot America, for foisting these people upon us.
The State of Montana can tell us exactly how many deer and elk were shot last weekend, but Kathleen Sebelius has a website she insists is working now that cannot tell us how many people have signed up for health insurance. We would be better of with a game warden in DC than the crowd you all have elected.· 

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