Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's For the Children!

Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks authority has announced Montana’s annual youth-only deer hunt — set for Oct 17-18 — will come a week earlier this year.
“There’s been some confusion this year due to the scheduling of the statewide teachers’ convention,” said Ron Aasheim, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks spokesman in Helena.
Colton Busch, then-13, shot this mule deer on the
first day of last year's youth-only two-day hunting season.
Courtesy photo Great Falls Tribune.
The youth hunt is always scheduled during the public schools’ two-day vacation in October, which is scheduled for Oct. 17-18 this year.
“The teachers’ convention usually falls on the Thursday and Friday just before the general season opener, but this year it’s a full week before the big game season opens on Oct. 26,” Aasheim said.
That also puts youth rifle hunters in the field during the final days of Montana’s archery season.
“Archers and our young hunters need to be aware of the overlapping seasons and plan accordingly,” Aasheim said.
Yes, please do be aware of the overlap. Here's hoping that the teacher scheduling returns to normal next year.  Meanwhile, I expect we'll see a lot of deer working their way into town the week of October 19th.

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