Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Breaking Open Cuba

It could be done.

The idea would not be to have ties with a government -- it's to have ties with the people.

Here is how you do it.

Raoul Castro and Vladmir Putin, July, 2014
On the diplomatic side, the President of the United States flies soonest on Air Force One to Havana. On the airport tarmac he intones, "Raoul Castro, tear down this regime."

On the economic side, build the Keystone XL pipeline and target a portion of the refined output to Cuba. 

When Cuba opens up its citizenry would be overtaken by what for them is an unimaginable tide of capitalism and freedom, and resulting prosperity. And we would have an ally as close as our neighbor to the north. 

But, of course, you would need a bold and wise president, with real vision and a strategic sense -- someone who understands the power is in a free and unfettered people and a strong economy -- not the technocrats. Don't hold your breath.  

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