Saturday, December 20, 2014

Saturday Pictures -- Webcams 'R Us

The Pineapple Express systems which bring torrential rains that are re-hydrating California are bringing mostly cloudy skies into southwest Montana. We received a related pulse of energy that covered us with snow last week, and expect a new pulse overnight. By Christmas Eve we should have a thick blanket of sparkling fresh snow on top the present base courtesy of yet another front. Here in Bozeman, the winter snow pack has set in for the duration.  

Through the good offices of the National Park Service in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks we can look real time at the spectacular scenery most any daylight time that we choose. Here are several of today's images.

Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

Apgar Lookout, Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

 Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

You can play in Montana. Here are some of today's webcam images from our local ski areas.

Mountain Village, Big Sky

Madison Base area, Big Sky

Ridge north view, Bridger Bowl

Ridge south view, Bridger Bowl

In this last picture, see the brave souls, upper center, preparing to ski off the precipice. We live about a dozen miles due south of them. Have a nice day and good luck to all!

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