Saturday, December 13, 2014

Let Them Eat Natural Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings Over Gemelli Alfredo

We got up in the middle of the night so we could effect a 4:45 am delivery of our two high school students to the speech/debate bus destined for a Saturday meet at Billings Central High School. To no great surprise the girls had a tough time getting a move on and left the house without breakfast. As we pulled out of the driveway we saw our friendly neighborhood skunk foraging in the drainage ditch. By the time we were in town traveling down Main Street, I had ascertained the kids had not eaten. I asked "Do the high schools have vending machines?" One of our students answered, "Yes, but nobody uses them -- you know Michelle Obama. The food tastes like dirt." 

Of course, that's only public schools. Here is the lunch menu for Obama's kids at Sidwell Friends, bastion of the elites.
Most American kids attend public schools. On the other hand, the first daughters, Malia and Sasha, attend Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C. Tuition per student at the private school is $36,264 per year (but that includes a hot lunch).
For Tuesday, Dec. 9, the scrumptious, bountiful lunch menu for both the middle school and the upper school at Sidwell Friends is:
Potato Sausage Soup; Firecracker Slaw; California Chef’s Salad; All Natural Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings; Sweet Potato Black Bean Bake; Sautéed Local Greens; Gemelli Alfredo; Sliced Pineapple
This menu of completely free lunch items certainly sounds delicious and nutritious. Also, to be clear, it’s for a single day, not the entire week.
We count ourselves pleased that the regime is teaching our youth just how sucko socialism actually is. It is the lesson of a lifetime.

Note: So later that morning I took the family over to Billings to do some Christmas shopping in the big city. We met up with the big kids. Turns  out, there were crosses all over the place. Billings Central is a Catholic school. And it had edible and nutritious treats in the vending machine. Let's hear it for freedom of religion! 

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