Saturday, December 6, 2014

Her She Comes ....

This time published by the New York Times in the hope their spin on her damning record will fend off much more serious attacks to come. It's inoculation strategy. In the days, weeks and months ahead it will be, "Oh people, don't pay attention, the Times already reported that. That's old news"

During the Clinton administration, pretty much everyone in Washington not on her staff despised Hillary Clinton, including on the Hill, in the Cabinet, White House aides, and even her husband, much of the time. But worry not says the Times,

Hillary Clinton angling for government takeover of healthcare in
1994. They said she was "really smart" then too. She believes it.
Now carefully controlled at 67, then she was fiery and unpredictable, lobbing sarcastic jabs in private meetings and congressional hearings. Now criticized as a centrist and challenged from the left, Mrs. Clinton then was considered the liberal whispering in her husband’s ear to resist the North American Free Trade Agreement and a welfare overhaul.

“She’s much more politically astute now than she was in early 1993,” said Alan Blinder, who was a White House economist. “I think she learned. She’s really smart. She learns, and she knows she made mistakes.”

In other words, what you see now in public appearances is a calculated phony. When the pressure is on, people revert to form.

Happy to help you get to know your next President of the United States. 

Good luck and have a nice day!

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