Friday, December 26, 2014

On the Road to Bathgate: Want Land? I. J. Foster, A Younger Visage

From the Pembina Pioneer Express, March 4, 1898.

Do You
.... Want Land?

Cheap as dirt. Every farm a bargain, even as an investment. Every farm if rightly treated will make itself a present to the buyer. A good home given to good men. Call in and talk with me, and I will prove it by my sales book of lands already sold. These lands are all near schools, churches, towns and railroads, most of them near timber and water. Don't go homestead 40 miles from any where when I can sell you good farms in Pembina county for less outlay and cost than you can take up Goverment land. Look over this list:


One good crop will pay for almost any farm on the above list at these prices. Small cash payment or crop contract to good men buys them. No acre on this list will be for sale by anybody for less than $10, and most of it cannot be bought for $25, not counting improvements, within the next ten years.

        Bathgate, N. D.

Money to Loan on Farm Security.

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