Sunday, December 7, 2014

Home Is Where The Art Is

It has been a while. We were able to weasel a few scraps of the kids' art this week. First are a couple of drawings from our Anime artist.

Our Anime artist is playing flute in school, guitar outside of it, studying Japanese on her own, and is focused on traveling to Japan the summer after next, where she will visit Asa, our 4H exchange student from last summer.

Then we got a water color and pencil piece from from our eldest. She is in high school now -- takes piano and guitar lessons, is in the BHS engineering program and participates on the JV speech/debate team. She just had her best performance this weekend (5th out of 25) in a tournament up at Whitehall. She was all smiles when we picked her up after her 14 hour day. After visiting Germany, France, Spain and Portugal on an 8th grade class trip this last spring, she is planning a trip to Sweden next summer.

And we were on the road from Montana to Texas when Father's Day sneaked up on us last summer. It was not convenient to buy a card but there was plenty of time to pen the best Father's Day greeting of all.

 Take care and have a great day!